14 Best Professional Flat Iron (2018)

Updated 5 years ago

Professional flat irons have become a modern girl’s best friend. Gone are the days whereby straight, sleek, and shiny hair is only achievable with a hair salon visit. Given the convenience and versatility offered by this impressive hair tool, it is no wonder that almost every woman (and possibly man) owns one in their homes. And with the continual launch of professional quality flat irons, it might be a little difficult to plow through the lot of them in order to choose the best ones. To save you the trouble, we have curated an updated list of the best professional flat irons for every hair type you can think of. On top of that, we have provided a complimentary guide on how to choose the best flat iron for yourself, as well as some beauty tips on managing hair damage when using a flat iron. So sit back with a cup of coffee and immerse yourself in this detailed review and guide so that you can find your next flat iron with ease.

Top 14 Professional Flat Irons Reviewed

Kipozi Professional Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener

One of the best-sellers on Amazon, this affordable flat iron gives you salon-quality results without breaking your budget. It has a large 1.75” plate which is ideal for those with long hair and want to get their hair done fast. Its nifty Digital LCD screen also showcases the heating temperature conveniently so that you are never in danger of overheating and damaging your hair. An added benefit is that with a single press, you can switch between the three default temperatures of 270°, 350°, and 410° without having to fiddle too much with the controls. Lastly, the added safety auto shut-off feature will put your mind at ease whenever you use this flat iron.

Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Straightener Iron

Made with 100% Pure Tourmaline Ceramic 1” plates, this high-end flat iron is the only hairstyling tool that you will need in your beauty arsenal. Coupled with negative ions and infrared heat to remove static, this iron will leave your hair with a lustrous shine. It also utilizes an ion field technology to seal in your hair’s natural oils and retain moisture which keeps it frizz-free and silky-smooth. Additionally, if you tend to be a clutz, you will be glad to know that this iron is equipped with anti-slip edges and a Drop Safe Technology to withstand most falls. With a worldwide voltage feature of 100 to 240V that allows international use, this is one iron you should never miss to pack on your travels.

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

This professional flat iron is the best-seller on Amazon for a reason. Or, several reasons in fact. It heats up to your desired temperature in record time, thereby saving you precious time. In fact, one user even mentioned that she can now get her hair done in no more than 20 minutes! A miracle time-saver on those hectic mornings when you need to rush for work. Its tourmaline-covered plates and hair-smoothening power makes it great for those who have fine or damaged hair. Lastly, it is incredibly cheap compared to other flat irons on the market. Plus, it comes with a ton of freebies such as a travel pouch, a pair of gloves, and a trial-sized bottle of Argan Oil. This is definitely the deal of the year that should not be missed.

Furiden Professional 2-in-1 Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

Just like the name suggests, this professional flat iron offers a dual purpose for curling and flattening to accommodate a variety of hairstyles, which means you get great value for purchasing a single styling tool. To prevent the dreaded hair damage and dryness, this iron actually uses steam to moisturize while straightening out your hair. With tourmaline ceramic plates floating, you will be sure that your hair will straighten or curl with a glossy, smooth sheen within a single pass. It also suits all hair types, particularly those with thick and curly hair, as the plates do not snag your hair so that you enjoy a seamless experience.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

One of the leading players in the industry, this flat iron by BaBylissPRO is definitely a cult favorite among users. It has standard 1” titanium plates which can be extended into a full 5” for faster straightening which is great news for those sporting longer hair. Given that Titanium is one of the best materials for heat retention, you only need to go over your hair once with this iron in order to achieve straight hair. It comes with 50 heat settings and can go up to 450° which makes it ideal even for those with thick, coarse, and extremely kinky hair. The slim and lightweight design provides you with much ease to be used on a daily basis.

Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Flat Iron

This sophisticated-looking flat iron has been sworn by professional stylists as their go-to styling iron. It heats up quickly to save you time and has an instant heat recovery system to ensure constant heat is emitted when you use the iron. In addition, the plates are made of ceramic and tourmaline to give your hair a glossy shine while minimizing damage. The 4-sided beveled edges also give you endless styling possibilities, instead of the usual curl and straighten. Despite the posh price tag, its durability means that it can last a good number of years which makes it a worthwhile investment.

CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Hairstyling Iron

With slightly larger 1.25” ceramic and titanium infused plates, this flat iron is perfect for those with long, wavy, and coarse hair. Due to its Ceramic Heater technology, this iron is guaranteed to heat up within 40 seconds and up to 425°. The interesting feature about this flat iron has got to be its multicolored Digital LCD screen which comes in three different colors and preset temperatures: Green for fine hair types (370°), Blue for medium and curly hair types (395°), and Red for coarse and thick hair types (425°). As such, no matter how thick or curly your hair is, this flat iron will surely give you straight locks once you are done.

HAI Classic Convertable Professional Flat Iron

This cult classic has been a long-time favorite among users and professional stylists. Its long-lasting durability is such that most users who had purchased this a decade ago still swear by its functionality till this day! It has 1.25” wide plates with beveled edges so that you can try out any hairstyle to your heart’s content. Infused with negative ions and far infrared heating to retain moisture in your hair and reduce static, the iron’s plates glide through your hair smoothly for snag-free and effortless styling. The adjustable temperature control ranges from as low as 180° to 410°, which suits fine, delicate hair strands or naturally thick and curly hair types. One small disadvantage would be that this flat iron is only applicable for use in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Wazor Hair Flat Iron 1” Ceramic Hair Straightener

This professional flat iron comes equipped with 1” 3D floating plates and 360° rotating swivel that enable user flexibility. This means you can easily style your hair in any direction without limited wrist movements. The heating panels are crafted with ceramic to ensure that your hair is not overheated during styling in order to prevent hair damage and frizziness. Additionally, for those who are big on safety, you will be assured to know that the design of this flat iron is anti-scald with anti-slip edges so that you never have to worry about accidentally burning yourself while using it. Moreover, the controls are located inside of the handle which minimizes the chances of you accidentally changing the settings. Its lightweight construction also ensures minimal arm and wrist strain when using for long periods.

Mondava Professional 1.25" Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

This mid-range flat iron comes with slightly wider 1.25” heating plates to achieve a salon-worthy hairstyle in as short as 10 minutes. The updated Digital Ionic Delivery System discharges up to an impressive 3 million negative ions in order to smoothen out your hair cuticles for a healthy and glossy look. In fact, one user even commented that this flat iron has helped to reduce the number of split ends she faced. Its custom precision temperature control ensures that you can easily pick your preferred heat setting between 180 to 450°. The small weight coupled with a dual voltage of 110 to 220V makes it the right travel-sized flat iron to bring along on your work trips and vacations so you can look effortlessly put together wherever you go.

Herstyler Forever Ceramic Flat Iron 1.25"

This economically-priced flat iron has all the bells and whistles that one might look for in a hairstyling tool. Due to its 100% ceramic material, it straightens your hair easily and leaves it silky and soft. In fact, the results are so long-lasting that it has helped many a reviewer to withstand humidity for hours on end. Additionally, it is easy to use without too much of a learning curve. This is best for those who are trying out a flat iron for the first time and don’t want to spend too much.

Revlon Salon Straight Copper + Ceramic Smooth XL Flat Iron

Comprising of 1.5” extra-large plates to give you double the hair coverage with each pass, this flat iron is the answer to fast and effortless hairstyling. Moreover, it is made with an advanced Copper 3X Ceramic Plate Technology and True-Grip rounded floating plates for an ultra smooth glide. This means that you not only get to enjoy frizz-free and healthy hair, you also can explore a myriad of hairstyling possibilities as you curl or straighten with this versatile tool. To make your life even easier, its Smart Heat Memory System automatically recalls the previous heat setting you used so that you can save time from having to adjust the temperature. For those with color treated hair, you will be overjoyed to learn that this flat iron comes with Color Fade Control to protect your hair color whenever you use it at a temperature of 400° and below. Coupled with safety features like a plate-locking switch and 60-minute auto shut-off, you can now style your hair with a complete peace of mind.

6th Sense Styling Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener Ceramic Tourmaline 1"

With its quality Ceramic Tourmaline floating plates, this flat iron creates sleek and soft hair in a straight style or curls, depending on your mood of the day. The temperature read-out also means you will never have to worry about burnt or damaged hair again. Additionally, this flat iron impressively straightens or curls your hair with a single pass, and ensures your hairstyle lasts for hours on end. If you are looking for a time-saving product that will give you quality results, this is definitely the one to go for.

xtava Gloss Factor Titanium Flat Iron

As its namesake suggests, this flat iron will provide you with serious gloss to your hair so that you looked like you have just stepped out fresh from a hair salon. To enjoy quick and fuss-free styling, this flat iron comes with three pre-set temperature controls to accommodate all hair types (340°, 400°, 450°), heats up quickly within 60 seconds, and has 3.5” long Titanium-infused plates to provide even heat transfer. In fact, users with colored hair have commented on its ability to straighten or curl their hair effectively without any color fade or damage. This is best for those with hectic schedules who are looking for a tool that can provide them with quality hairstyles within a short time span.

As we have seen, there are numerous professional flat irons on the market that suit different hair types to provide you with salon-quality hair results. Each flat iron also comes with different features to accommodate different lifestyle needs. Given the range of flat irons from affordable to upscale ones, you will be sure to find one that matches your budget too.

Be Hair-Confident Ready

Some days, you wake up feeling like it’s one of those bad hair days as you stare at the mirror reflection of your rumpled mess of locks with dread. This is where a professional flat iron might just save the day. Buying a professional flat iron can be a tedious process for some given the many considerations that you might have to factor in. Ceramic or titanium? Which plate size should you get? To cover all your queries, we have compiled a guide to the most important things you need to look out for when investing in your first flat iron or shopping for a replacement.

How to Choose a Professional Flat Iron

  • Materials: the most commonly-used materials for a flat iron are ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline. Ceramic retains heat best among the three material types. It’s great for transforming frizzy, damaged strands into healthy-looking hair with a glossy sheen. Moreover, it’s snag-proof property means lesser hair breakage. Likewise, tourmaline retains heat evenly to give you smooth and sleek hair. It also doesn’t chip easily. Titanium, on the other hand, is relatively lightweight in comparison, which prevents your arm from feeling tired too quickly. It also heats up quickly and provides less heat transfer to minimize hair damage. That said, titanium is also more durable which accounts for its relatively higher price.

  • Size of Plates: the standard size for the heating plates is usually 1”. However, larger sizes in 1.25”, 1.5”, and 1.75” are also available to cater to longer hair types. While these larger sizes can cover a greater area and reduce your styling time, it can be more difficult to maneuver. As such, there is a greater likelihood of burning yourself if you are not careful, particularly for first-time users. Conversely, smaller plates are great for shorter hair types and straightening out tricky areas such as tight curls or kinks close to the scalp.

  • Heat Setting: each flat iron will normally come with a temperature range that accommodates different hair types. Some even have pre-set temperature options to make it more convenient for you. As a rule of thumb, normal hair types should limit themselves to 300° to 380° while those with damaged hair should not go beyond 300°. For those with more unmanageable thick and curly hair, you can try a range of 370° to 420°.

How to Protect Your Hair When Using a Flat Iron

Yes, professional flat irons are one of the most powerful tools to give you the hairstyle you desire. However, exposing your hair to the constant high heat is the fastest way to damage your hair. If you don’t want to end up with frizzy, dry, and straw-like hair after consistent use, it will be in your best interests to use these protective measures:

  • Choose a High Quality Flat Iron: as mentioned earlier, ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline are some of the best materials for a flat iron. A quality flat iron will heat up evenly to prevent hair damage. Some might even be infused with ionic technology that diffuses negative ions to minimize static, leaving your hair with a smooth and silky texture.

  • Use on Dry Hair: one of the biggest rules is making sure your hair is completely dry before using a flat iron. The last thing you want to hear is the sizzling sound of the hot iron on your wet hair which is a tell-tale sign that you might just have caused damage in the form of split ends and hair breakage. The best way is to let your hair air dry instead of using a blow dryer since the latter would mean exposing your hair to more heat, and possibly more damage.

  • Heat Protectant: the next major rule is to always use a heat protectant on your hair before taking a flat iron to it. Thermal protectants have strong heat-resistant properties to protect your hair from becoming fried when exposed to the high heat of a flat iron. Besides that, they also contain hair-nourishing ingredients to add shine and reduce frizz so that your hair looks its best. Make sure that the protectant has fully penetrated into your hair before applying heat.

  • Deep Condition Weekly: if you are someone who constantly uses the flat iron, deep conditioning is a must. This step not only repairs any damage that has been done to your hair but also replenishes the natural oils and nutrients that have been leached from the hair shaft. Ensuring your hair receives the hydration it needs will boost its strength and vitality so that it is more adept to handle future high heat exposure.

According to professional hairstylists, it is essential for you to carry out these protective measures before and after your styling session. Doing so will ensure that your hair health is maintained so that you can continue using flat irons and other hot tools without causing irreversible damage to your hair.

Wrap Up

Professional flat irons are a one-stop wonder for giving you quality hairstyles without the hassle of going down to the salon personally. Given the wide array of different flat iron features, it is easy for you to purchase a flat iron that satisfies your hair needs completely. Of course, you shouldn’t forget the importance of caring for your hair before and after the styling session so that your hair remains healthy and strong.