15 Best Travel Hair Dryer (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Updated 5 years ago

Planning a travel anytime soon? Do you want to look good and stylish even on your vacation? Then, you need to have a travel hair dryer with you! It is compact and portable while being handy in making sure that you will always look at your best even on your holiday!

Some people despise the idea of sparing space in their luggage for a dryer. However, with the products that will be mentioned below, you won’t need too much space! They are sleek, and some are even foldable, which means that they will be easy to bring wherever you go!

What Makes an Ideal Hair Dryer for Traveling?

Before we start this post, lets get on the same page about the most important things to look for in a hair dryer that is best for traveling.

  • Compact and Lightweight: It should not take up too much space in your bag or add a lot of weight.
  • Folding Handle: A folding handle is great because it will make it smaller and more space-efficient.
  • Retractable Cord: This makes it easy to pack and prevents the cord from getting tangled in transit or in your luggage.
  • Dual Voltage: The voltage can vary from one country to another. Choose a hair dryer that is designed with a switch that makes it easy to choose the desired voltage

Reviews of Top-Rated Travel Hair Dryers

Jet in style and stay fashionable on your vacation with the travel hair dryers that are mentioned below.

Conair Vagabond Compact 1600 Folding Hair Dryer

Value for money is one of the reasons why this product is included on our list. It comes with an economical price, yet the performance is not compromised in any way. After all, it is made by one of the most trusted brands within the product category. At only one pound with a folding handle, it is lightweight, compact, and portable. It also has dual voltage, making it a good travel companion. There are two heat and speed settings. The manufacturer states that this is ideal for all hair types.

Conair MiniPRO Folding Handle Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

Made by the same manufacturer as the hair dryer above, this is also foldable and has a dual voltage. You will be able to choose from two heat and speed settings. It is quite not as versatile as others in terms of the settings, but this should be more than enough for your travel needs. It also utilizes the tourmaline ceramic technology, which prevents frizz while promoting the natural shine of the hair. It has a 1,200-watt motor. This is not as powerful as the others, but given its size, this will already suffice.

BaByliss PRO BABNT053T Nano Titanium Travel Dryer

If you often travel internationally and you cannot live without a hair dryer, this is another perfect option as it also comes with a folding handle and a dual voltage. It is also ultra-lightweight. The dryer produces 1,000 watts and has nano titanium technology, making it an excellent choice in terms of addressing frizz and providing the hair with a natural shine. There is also a removable filter, which will make it easy to maintain its performance and keep it clean through the years. Lastly, there is a limited 12-month warranty from the manufacturer.

Revlon 1875W Compact Travel Hair Dryer

With the folding handle and the worldwide dual voltage, this will be another great option if you are searching for a travel hair dryer. Aside from being portable, a lot were also happy with the ionic technology and the 3X ceramic coating. With the latter, damage and frizz can be reduced, making it easier to achieve a healthy and good-looking crowning glory. There are two heat and two-speed settings. Plus, it also comes with the standard cool shot button. A smoothing concentrator is also included as an attachment, providing users with versatility on how to style their hair with the use of this product.

Remington Compact Ionic Travel Hair Dryer

With three heat and two-speed settings, this is an ideal choice for a flexible hair dryer, providing you with the ability to choose which is best for your needs. A cool shot button is also available for drying and styling the hair without generating heat. There is also an eco-setting option, which is its energy-saving mode. It has a high-performance fan and motor, allowing it to dry your hair quickly. It is also compact and portable, although it should be pointed out that it does not come with a folding handle.

Andis 1875W Fold-n-Go Ionic Hair Dryer

Got problems with your frizzy hair? This product can offer the perfect solution as it dries your hair without making it look frizzy. This can be attributed to the negative ions that provide the conditioning your hair needs. Because of this, you can also expect that your hair will be softer and silkier in no time. There are also three heat and air speed settings, making it great when it comes to versatility. Aside from the folding handle, it also has a retractable cord, making it the perfect travel companion.

HTG 1000W Tourmaline Dual Voltage Hair Dryer

At 1,000 watts, this may not be the most powerful from the hair dryers that are mentioned in this post, but this does that not make it less impressive. If you have short and thin hair, this will be more than enough. It is a worldwide dual voltage dryer, which is exactly the reason why it is good for traveling. Like most of the options noted in this guide, it also comes with a foldable handle. At five inches when it is folded, it can fit even in your palm and won’t consume too much space in your bag.

JINRI 1875W Travel Hair Dryer

With an 1,875-watt DC motor, this is for those who would like to dry and style their hair without the need to wait for a long time. It also comes with a folding handle and a dual voltage, making it great for global use. It has a ceramic tourmaline air outlet, which produces negative ions that will be effective in eliminating frizz. This makes it possible to not only dry your hair but to also make it smoother without causing too much heat damage. Best of all, the manufacturer is offering a one-year replacement and a two-year warranty.

Hot Tools Professional HT1044 Ionic 1875-Watt Travel Dryer

This is yet another dryer that comes with a folding handle and a dual voltage, making it worthy of being included on our list. Those who have used it before expressed words of praises for its direct ionic technology, which will allow you to dry your hair quicker by as much as 40%. This is important when you are traveling since you are often not gifted with the luxury of time. Best of all, it is made by a company with decades of experience in the market, providing you with the confidence that the quality and performance will be hard to match.

X5 Superlite 1600W Dual Voltage Ceramic Ionic Travel Dryer

One of the best things about this travel hair dryer is the tourmaline diffuser, which also comes with ceramic hair tips. Aside from speeding up the drying time of your hair, it also helps in eliminating frizz without causing hair damage. A concentrator nozzle is also included for versatile styling. Of course, since it is a travel hair dryer, it already comes with a dual voltage and a folding handle. When packed, it is only nine ounces on average and is compact, so there is no need to worry about the space that it consumes.

T3 Featherweight Compact Folding Hair Dryer

This is one of the most expensive from the products that are mentioned in this post, but this should not give you the reason to not choose it. In fact, the price can be justified by its features and performance. As expected from a travel hair dryer, it is compact and lightweight to fit even in a small space. Feature-wise, it has an innovation known as T3 Softaire. Basically, it is an ionic airflow technology that allows the motor to generate high-volume ions to dry the hair quickly without being frizzy. It also has a cool shot button, as well as two settings for speed and heat.

Le Angelique Mini Hair Dryer

This is another portable hair dryer that won’t eat up too much space in your bag when you are traveling. There is a voltage selector that will allow you to choose which one is right depending on the country where you are. A mini diffuser is included as a bonus, which will be handy if you want to add volume to your thin and lifeless hair. There is also a heat concentrator. Meanwhile, many of its users were happy with the minimal weight. Despite the latter, the power is not sacrificed.

CONFU Portable Hair Dryer

Equipped with a 1,600-watt DC motor, this will allow you to save a lot of time since it dries your hair quickly, making it perfect for travelers who always have a hectic schedule. The motor comes with seven blades that can pump strong air so that you won’t have to wait long before your hair is finally dried. Despite the fact that this is powerful, it has a quiet motor. To add, as a bonus, you also get a velvet bag, which makes it easy to protect it from external elements that could speed up its wear. Best of all, the manufacturer is offering an unbeatable 10-year satisfaction guarantee.

6th Sense Styling Travel Hair Dryer

As it is expected of a travel hair dryer, this is another model that comes with a folding handle and a dual voltage, allowing it to be used anywhere you are. There is also a storage bag that is included. It is also efficient in terms of power, making sure that your hair dries quickly without using too much electricity. Users will be able to choose from low and high-speed settings. It should be noted, however, that it does not come with a cool shot button.

Chic Republic Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

If you are on the lookout for an ionic ceramic hair dryer, make sure that this is included on your list as it is one of the most promising. Through the combination of ionic and ceramic technology, it effectively and quickly dries your hair while being able to prevent serious damage. It also gives the hair the shine that it needs without looking frizzy. It is also lightweight, so it is perfect for jet-setting fashionistas who always want their hair to be on point even when they are on a vacation.

Choosing a Travel Hair Dryer

Aside from being compact, lightweight, foldable, and having dual voltage, there are other important considerations in your search for a hair dryer ideal for traveling. This section will briefly look at some of the most important considerations.

Type of Hair

Not all hair dryers are created the same. If it works for your friend, it does not necessarily mean that it will work for you. Among others, one of the most important deciding factors would be your type of hair. Choose the type of hair dryer that can address the needs of your hair.

  • Dry Hair: The right choice for you is a ceramic, porcelain, or infrared hair dryer. They will also work if your hair is fine. They are known for the even and gentle distribution of heat. Aside from the consistency of the temperature, the heat is also less harsh. It also allows moisture to be locked into your hair strands.
  • Thick Hair: Drying thick hair can be time-consuming and frustrating. With this, it is recommended that you use tourmaline hair dryers, which are capable of drying your hair as much as 50% quicker compared to an ionic hair dryer.
  • Coarse Hair: You will benefit from using a titanium hair dryer if you have coarse hair as it is quicker than the other types of hair dryers. It generates a lot of heat, so make sure to avoid it if you have thin hair.


The power of the hair dryer is important because it is indicative of its performance. The technical specification that you should look at is the wattage. The higher the wattage is, the more powerful is the motor that is incorporated in the hair dryer. This means that you can cut down the styling time, as well as the exposure of the hair to heat. If the motor is not powerful, what will happen is that there will be less wind and more heat.

On average, it will be good to choose a hair dryer that is between 1,600 to 2,000 watts. There are some models with 1,000 watts, which can be exceptionally slow in drying. However, if you have short and fine hair, this may already suffice.


If you want a travel hair dryer that will be versatile, you need one that comes with a number of settings. This will provide you with the freedom to customize the functions as you see fit for your needs.

Among others, it is important to have several heat and speed settings. Two to three settings will already be enough, which can often be changed with a flip of a button. A cool shot button will also be good to have to dry the hair without being exposed to heat.


To enjoy better value for money, choose travel hair dryers bundled with accessories that you will find useful. One that is often included is a diffuser, which will be great when you are curling your hair. A concentrator nozzle will also be handy for your hairstyling needs. The latter will also help in straightening the hair and in getting rid of frizz.


There are several features that will help ensure the highest level of the comfort of the user of the travel hair dryer. For instance, one of the most important is to have an ergonomic handle, so you won’t have to complain of fatigue and discomfort when holding it for an extended period. It should also have a whisper-quiet motor. Otherwise, it can be annoying. Plus, the handle should not easily get hot.

Hair Care and Styling Tips when Traveling

Especially if you are traveling for pleasure, we often forget to pay attention to proper hair care and styling since we are too busy having fun. With this, below are some of the tips that you have to keep in mind:

  • Dealing with Flat Hair: After spending hours in a plane, bus, or train, among others, your hair will become flat as it is pushed against the headrest for an extended period. To address this problem, a simple solution is to flip the hair upside down and tie it with a knot. In an instant, the flat side of the hair will be covered.
  • Pack Accessories: It is not enough that you have a travel dryer with you. Other things that you will need include bobby pins, elastics, hair clips, headscarf, and headband, among others.
  • Use a Dry Shampoo: This can be a true lifesaver, especially when you are traveling and often left short of time. It is an easy way to make the hair look and smell fresher as it gets rid of dirt and grime on the surface without the need for water.
  • Drink Water: Especially during your flight, your hair can become dry. Drinking water is one of the easiest solutions to keep it hydrated.
  • Avoid Free Haircare Products: Most hotels will provide free shampoo and conditioner. Unless you are staying in a really good hotel, try to avoid what they have provided. Often, they are cheap, and hence, it can end up damaging your hair.
  • Protect from the Sun: It is not only your skin that needs protection from the sun. Make it a habit to wear a hat or a headscarf when the sun is at its peak. Also, a hairspray with UV protection will be handy.
  • Coat it with Oil: If you plan to go swimming, you should coat your hair with an oil or moisturizer. This will provide a sort of protective barrier. This will be effective in absorbing saltwater and will prevent the hair from drying out.
  • Brush your Hair: Even with all the fun of traveling, do not forget to brush your hair every now and then. This is especially important if you always go swimming. This will prevent having tangled hair and will also make your hair less prone to breakage..

Wrap Up

Before you head out on an epic vacation, prepare a checklist of the things that you have to bring! One thing that you should not forget is a hair dryer! It is the ultimate beauty tool that will make you look stunning during your trip.