Best Hair Dryers for Thin Hair: 2018 Top Picks and Buying Guide

Updated 5 years ago

Bad hair day? This will not be the case if you give it a blow out before you leave the house! Your hair is your crowning glory, so you have to do your best to make it look good and stylish. It is the perfect way to complete your overall look and fashion. However, while blow drying your hair can add volume to prevent it from looking flat, take note that not just any hair dryer will work.

If you are looking for the best hair dryers, keep on reading and we will share with you some of the top products that are worth considering, as well as the features that make them exceptional. With these options, you will be able to volumize your hair without causing any harm. Thin hair is sensitive. Make sure that you take care of it!

Our Favorite Hair Dryers for Thin Hair

Clueless about the blow dryer that will work best for your thin hair? We’ll make things easy for you. Here is a quick look at the top brands and models that are worth considering.

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional Dryer

With tourmaline and ceramic, this 2,000-watt hair dryer is one of our top picks. It has heat waves that can penetrate deeply while ensuring that there will be no static and frizz. Even if you have thin hair, there is no need to worry that this can lead to damages.

Weighing less than a pound, discomfort is never an issue when holding the hair dryer and using it even for an extended period. It also features seven heat and air settings to provide you the freedom to choose. With the cool shot button, on the other hand, it can use cool air for drying, which is especially useful if you have thin hair.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer

This 2,000-watt ionic dryer has the Nano Titanium technology, which ensures that drying your hair will not take a long time. It produces heat and ions that do not only deliver a quick drying action, but also helps to keep your fine hair free from frizz.

For versatility, this hair dryer comes with six speed and heat settings, making it easy to choose one based on your personal preference. More than being versatile, it is also comfortable to use. Thanks to the ergonomic handle and lightweight construction!

The hair dryer comes with a concentrator nozzle, which will allow you to concentrate on a specific area. There is also a cool shot button, which is great since high heat can easily damage your thin hair.

Infiniti Pro by Conair Styling Tool and Hair Dryer

Style your hair like a pro with this salon-quality 1,875-watt hair dryer. The AC motor of the unit allows it to dry the hair as much as 50% quicker compared to its competitors. It also has the ionic and ceramic technology, guaranteeing that drying will not cause damage to your fine hair.

To offer versatility to its users, there are three heat and two speed settings, as well as a cold shot button. The dryer also includes a diffuser and a concentrator, which will be great for textured and smooth styles.

Lastly, this hair dryer comes with a limited four-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Remington Pro Hair Dryer with Pearl Ceramic Technology

One of the selling points of this hair dryer is the Pearl Ceramic Technology. Basically, it ensures the even heat distribution without damaging thin hair. This is also the one responsible for giving off a smooth finish. It has an ionic generator that bathes the hair with positive ions to make it smooth even with added volume.

With the AC motor that is incorporated into this hair dryer, it has a 40% faster air flow rate compared to leading competitors. It is also believed to be longer-lasting by as much as three times. Meanwhile, there are three heat and two speed settings. For styling, there is a diffuser and concentrator.

To provide you with peace of mind, the manufacturer is offering a four-year limited warranty.

Revlon 1,875-watt Volumizing Hair Dryer

This is one option that is worth looking at if you want a budget-friendly hair blow dryer. With the triple ceramic coating, it is effective in protecting the hair from heat and over-styling. It also has the ionic technology, which can help to fight frizz by as much as 30% better compared to other models.

To make it easier for you to style your thin hair, the kit is also inclusive of a volumizing diffuser and a smoothing concentrator. Meanwhile, there are two heat and two speed settings, as well as a cool shot button. There is also an ion generator switch. When it is turned on, it gives the hair a polished look. On the other hand, when it is turned off, it gives your thin hair a full body.

T3 Micro Cura Hair Dryer

This is one of the most expensive of the products listed in this post, but it is sure to be worth your money. One of its most innovative features is the T3 Digital Ion Air Technology. This allows the heat to be digitally-controlled, making it add shine and body to your thin hair without any damage.

There are also several features that allow it to offer versatility. For instance, there are three heat settings and a lock-in cool shot button. It is inclusive of a drying concentrator and styling concentrator as well. It also comes with a Pure Stream cap that has a removable filter.

Jinri 1,000-watt Professional Hair Dryer

The 1,000-watt motor of this model is less powerful than most of the options that we listed in this guide, but this is actually a good thing for thin hair. This means that it won’t generate too much heat, which will prevent damage.

With the compact design and lightweight body of this product, this makes a great choice for a travel hair dryer.

This model comes with a ceramic tourmaline air outlet, long-life DC motor, high and low heat settings, cool shot button, and 1.8-meter power cord.

Red by Kiss 1875 Pro Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer

For the most affordable options for the best hair dryer for fine hair, this is another product that deserves your attention. With the tourmaline ceramic technology, it provides negative ions that will allow the hair to fight frizz. It also seals moisture in the strands to make it look good through the day or night.

With this hair dryer, you will also have four attachments, which include a diffuser, concentrator, single-layer detangling comb, and double-layer detangling comb. To add, there are three heat settings, two air speed settings, and a cool shot button.

Wazor Professional Hair Dryer

This hair dryer comes with an 1,875-watt motor. The professional AC motor is one of the reasons why this is a salon-quality hair dryer, which is going to withstand the test of time. It uses negative ions to make the hair smoother without damaging it because of excessive heat. There is also a cool shot button for cool air. Meanwhile, there are three heat and two speed settings.

Another good feature of this hair dryer is the removable lint filter. This makes it easy to clean the blower and helps to extend its functional life.

6th Sense Styling Technology Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

If you are on the lookout for the best professional hair dryer that will work for thin hair, this is another one that should be part of your list. It is hand-crafted in France and used in some of the top salons in Europe.

One of the best things about this hair dryer is that it has a 1,600-watt motor. It makes use of less power, which means that it won’t generate too much heat that can damage the hair. Despite such, it has a strong air current to dry the hair quickly. It has two heat setting, two speed settings, and a cool shot button.

It weighs only 12 ounces, making it great in terms of your comfort.

Ceramic Technology is Best For Thin Hair

I suggest that you focus on those with a ceramic technology. This is the perfect choice if you want your fine hair to be smoother without the need to worry about the potential damages. One of the best things about this type of hair dryer is that it facilitates the even distribution of heat.

Ceramic refers to a composite material and the main component is clay. It is often used in the different parts of the hair dryer. The far infrared heat that it creates will penetrate the hair shafts. It also preserves the natural moisture of the hair. It heats up quickly and evenly, yet heat does not cause excessive damage to your hair.

How to Decide on a Hair Dryer for Thin Hair

With the abundance of the options that are available on the market, here are some of the most important factors that you need to consider:

  • Wattage: This is important because it will be indicative of the power of the hair dryer. As much as possible, look for a dryer that has a wattage that ranges from 1,000 to 2,000. The higher the wattage is, the quicker it can dry the hair. However, take note that this also means that it can get easily hot and can damage the hair.
  • Attachments: If you are looking for versatility, the hair blower must include an array of accessories that will make it useful for styling, not just for drying. In most instances, they will include a diffuser and a concentrator.
  • Ergonomics: This basically refers to the design of the handle. It must be easy for you to grip for it to be comfortable. It should also be lightweight and the body should not get easily hot, especially with extended use.
  • Cool Shot Button: This is one of the features that you should be looking for in a hair dryer made for fine hair. The button activates a cool air and uses it for drying the hair instead of heat. This will minimize the likelihood that your thin hair will end up being damaged.

Tips and Tricks for Fine Hair

Using the right hair dryer for your thin hair is not enough. Here are some of the things that you have to keep in mind:

  • Avoid too much brushing. This could make the hair look limp. According to hair styling experts, it will be best to initially dry your hair with just the use of your hands before you proceed to brushing and hair drying, as long as you are not in a hurry.
  • Stay away from oil-based hair care products, such as in the case of serums and creams that you are using for styling. This is going to make the hair greasy and weighed-down. This will make it look flat and unattractive.
  • Use a volumizing shampoo. Take note that you do not have to wash your hair every day. It is good to wash it every other day. A volumizing shampoo is great because it can effectively add thickness to your hair. Stay away from shampoos that are formulated for dry hair.
  • Be cautious about the use of a conditioner. Use only a small amount. This could add too much moisture in the hair, which will also contribute to its limp appearance.
  • When using a dryer, use the lowest heat setting. If it has a cool shot button, use it. Excessive heat is one of the mortal enemies of thin hair as it is more susceptible to damage.
  • Because fine hair is prone to split ends and breakage, it is important that you get a regular haircut to maintain its best appearance. If possible, have a small trim once every six weeks.
  • To add volume to your hair, the right haircut can also make a huge difference. With this, it would be best to have a layered hairstyle. It does not weigh the hair down and prevents it from looking flat.
  • Tie your hair in a bun when you are sleeping. This will prevent it from tangling, which can easily damage thin hair.

Wrap Up

The right hair dryer can indeed work like magic in adding volume to your crowning glory in the absence of causing too much heat that could lead to damages. The right choice of a dryer is important to make you look at your best without any risk. Keep an eye on the ten products that have been mentioned in this post, and for sure, you will be able to enjoy the best value for the money.