10 Best Running Tights for Women Reviewed in 2018

Updated 6 years ago

Running tights may look like they are all the same, but in reality, they are different in more ways than one. From the materials that are used to the comfort that they can provide to the user, there are many ways by which it is possible to have them differentiated from each other. Given such, you should exert effort in evaluating the possibilities and making the right choice.

If you are looking for women’s running tights, you definitely came to the right place. This post will tackle ten of the best options that are available, including the things that make these products commendable. To end the guide, I will also give you some insights on the essential considerations to help you narrow down the possibilities.

Our Top Picks for Women’s Running Tights

In this section, we will briefly go through ten of the top products that should make it on your list, as well as some of the reasons why they are deemed exceptional.

Product name Main features Price
Active Research Tights with Pocket Increases blood circulation, improves muscle recovery, moisture-free $
CompressionZ Women’s Leggings 4-way stretchable fabric, 100% money-back guarantee, moisture-wicking fabric $$
Yogipace Fleece-Lined Thermal Tights Fleece-lined, water-resistant, back zippered pocket $$
DRSKIN Compression Tights Polyester and spandex, quick drying, moisture sensing $
CW-X Women’s Pro Running Tights Polyester and spandex, quick drying, moisture sensing $$
iLoveSia Women’s Running Tights Polyester and spandex, quick drying, moisture sensing $
Nike Pro Women’s Training Tights Dri-Fit fabric, mesh panel, triangular gusset $$
Manstore Women’s Tights Polyester and spandex, sweat-wicking fabric, machine-washable $
Adidas Training High-Rise Tights Mesh-lined gusset, elastic waist, high-rise design $$
New Balance Women’s Running Tight Polyester and spandex, stretch double knit, reflective taping $

Active Research Tights with Pocket

This active wear is not only for running, but also casual enough for everyday wear. It is made with the use of high-quality materials, known for being moisture-free and fighting odor. Even if it is often wet with sweat, expect that it will be smelling fresh, as long as it is washed accordingly.

Since this is a compression tight, it offers the benefit of promoting faster muscle recovery, making it the perfect running companion. More so, it also improves blood circulation. It has the ability to improve mobility and minimize the pain that is associated with physical activity.

Lastly, if you are unhappy with the purchase of the tights, you can return it to the manufacturer within 30 days and they will provide an unconditional refund.

CompressionZ Women’s Leggings

Less pain, faster recovery – this is what the manufacturer promises to the users of this tight. It is designed in such a way that it can provide effective compression to reduce soreness, even with intense running and physical activity.

It is also worth noting that it is made with the use of 4-way stretchable fabric, which moves along with you. It is soft and can wick away sweat.

Unhappy with your purchase? There is no need to worry as your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can return it to the manufacturer and you will be given a full refund!

Yogipace Fleece-Lined Thermal Tights

If you are running in a place with chilly temperature, this is one option that you should not miss. It is impressive because of the fleece lining, which adds warmth when it is worn, making you more comfortable when you are running.

The back zippered pocket is also a nice add-on to the tights. The zipper has a length of six inches, but they cannot be seen from the outside. It is large enough to keep your phone secured when you are running.

It also comes with an elastic waistband that comes with a drawcord, making it easy to have it tightened or loosened depending on your size.

DRSKIN Compression Tights

This is one of the most affordable of the products mentioned in this post. Despite having an economical price, it is filled with impressive features. It is made from a combination of polyester and spandex, two materials that are known for their softness and smoothness.

The Dry Transport System is also a good thing for this product. The latter allows moisture and sweat to be wicked away from the body, making sure that you stay dry and comfortable when you are running.

There is also two-way air circulation. Whether you use it in the summer or winter, your body will enjoy the right temperature.

CW-X Women’s Pro Running Tights

Designed specifically for running, one of its exceptional features is the support web, an exclusive technology that has been developed by the company. The latter provides the support that is needed by the calf, hamstring, quadriceps, and hip, which are all used when you are running.

The Coolmax fabric used in the tights is one more thing that makes it an innovative fabric. This fabric is made in a way that it will keep the moisture away from the skin so that you will feel dry and comfortable as you run.

It also has a flat seam construction, which is great for the elimination of abrasions and improvement of fit.

iLoveSia Women’s Running Tights

This is another option that will prove to be perfect for budget-conscious women. It is soft to the touch, providing it with a luxurious feel, and hence, many would feel that it seems to be more expensive than its actual price.

It is also good that it has a high-waist design, which is a great way to control the tummy. It is made from a flexible material. It also has butt-lifting and leg-slimming effects.

Nike Pro Women’s Training Tights

It is made by a sporting brand that is popular all over the world, which is already enough reason for you to choose it against its competitors.

Looking at its features, one thing that makes it impressive is the Dri-Fit fabric, a special kind of material that can keep the skin dry even when you are running, which will help a lot to make you feel comfortable.

There is also a triangular gusset, which is beneficial in allowing you to make a full range of motion. Regardless of the movements that you will make, you will not have a hard time doing so.

Manstore Women’s Tights

Like most of the high-quality women’s running tights that you can find on the market, this is made with the use of moisture-wicking fabric to keep you feeling dry and comfortable.

Keeping the tights in its best condition will be almost effortless on your part. It is machine-washable, making it easy to clean. Even through the years, you can expect that the fabric will not be easily prone to shrinking.

Adidas Training High-Rise Tights

The flattering high-waist design is one of its best assets, which will also allow the tights to stay in place regardless of the movements that you are going to make. The stretchy knit used as the main material makes it excellent as well in terms of its flexibility.

For your comfort, the tights have a mesh-lined gusset, which is beneficial in terms of ventilation, providing an assurance of your comfort.

New Balance Women’s Running Tight

This tight is made from a combination of spandex and polyester. It also comes with stretch double knit, which will allow you to move with ease.

It has a reflective logo on the left side of the hip. It also comes with a reflective taping, which will make it easy to be seen when you are running in an area that is poorly lit.

Lastly, it has a drawcord at the waistband, which allows the wearer to have it adjusted depending on the fit that is most comfortable.

How to Choose Running Tights

Below are some practical tips to help you narrow down the options for women’s running tights:

  • Evaluate the materials that are used. See to it that it is made with the use of soft and flexible fabric so that you can move with ease. The fabric should also wick away moisture and sweat to remain dry and comfortable when you are running.
  • Choose the right size. It must not be too loose or too tight. Having an elastic waistband or drawcord will be a good thing so that you can make the necessary adjustments.
  • Having a pocket is also a plus. This will provide a small space to keep your phone with you when you run.
  • It must provide total coverage on the lower body, especially if you are living in an area with chilly temperature. There are some tights made from fabric that has the ability to keep you warm when you are running.
  • Style is also a primary consideration. Women, by nature, want to be fashionable, even when they are running. That being said, choose a design that suits your personality.
  • Look for running tights that are opaque, especially if you always run in broad daylight. This is going to prevent your skin from being seen from the outside.
  • It will also be good if the tights offer high visibility, which comes handy if you are running at night. Having reflective logo or lining is good so that you can be easily visible.