Best Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine: Cellulite Machine Reviews (2018)

Updated 7 years ago

Diet and exercise can reduce weight, but they don’t always make fat deposits disappear. If you’re serious about slimming down, you might be tempted by liposuction or surgical removal of fat tissue. But before you settle on an invasive treatment, why not try something painless first?

No pain and non-invasive

Ultrasound cavitation breaks down cellulite by causing fat cells to dissolve or come apart. Then your body simply removes the fat as a waste product. There’s no cutting, no needles, no medications, no long recovery, and no pain.

Cavitation machines use high frequency sound waves to penetrate into skin down into fat cells. These sound waves, or ultrasound, causes lipolysis. Lipolysis releases triglycerides, or fat cells. Then your body continues the process by separating triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol.

If you have a healthy liver, the liver will take care of the fatty acids and glycerol. Within a couple of days, these waste products pass out of your body.

After three to four treatments with one of the best cavitation machines, you might see up to three inches of fat disappear.

Check out this article from a medical journal to see how a clinical trial with cavitation caused fat loss.

Where to get ultrasound cavitation treatments?

If this treatment sounds like a winner to you, you can search for dermatologists and medical spas that offer it. But be aware this isn’t a cheap procedure. You might save quite a bit of money if you can do your own treatments at home.

While there aren’t many home-use cavitation machines for sale right now, you can find a few. We’ve made an effort here to round up the best ultrasound cavitation machines so you can find the one the fits your needs.

The top cavitation machines for home use

Many cavitation machines offer more than one treatment for fat loss and skin care. Here’s a quick overview of what we found.

Picture Cavitation device Features
Gizmo Supply Portable 5 in 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine 5 probes for 5 different treatments Removes fat, erases wrinkles, tightens and tones skin on face and body Radio frequency plus ultrasound
Cavitation Beauty Device belulu Cavi Japan EMS LED RF Portable, rechargeable Ultrasonic cavitation plus red LED light Melts fat, makes skin look younger Works anywhere in the world
Beauty Star 5 in 1 LED Radio Frequency Fat Removal Cellulite Body Shaping Equipment 5 treatments with one machine Dissolves fat, increases lymph circulation, tightens skin Works on both face and body
Professional 6-1 Vacuum Tripolar RF Led Cellulite and Facial Care Beauty Machine Passive treatments only require placement of paddles, not active massaging with probes 6 treatments including RF and ultrasound Made for both face and body
Segbeauty Portable Non-Invasive Body Shaping Ultrasonic RF Massage Device for Body Sculpting Fat Removal External Slimming Skin Tightening Toning Firming 3 in 1 device that offers RF, ultrasonic cavitation, and red LED light Portable and rechargeable Designed for use on the body only

And now, let's look at the top cavitation devices.

Gizmo Supply Portable 5 in 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine

The 5 in 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine from Gizmo Supply looks like a professional tool like you’d see in a doctor’s office or spa. It comes with five different treatment heads that require you to apply ultrasound gel on your skin when you use them.

It’s best if you watch the associated Youtube videos before you use the machine. They are more helpful than the written instructions that come with it.

Besides ultrasound, the 5 in 1 machine can output RF, or radio frequency, waves to stimulate skin tissue. Both features break down fat, increase blood circulation, and make skin tighter. They get rid of fatty “love handles” and saggy skin.

The heads that come in the box include a 40KHz frequency cavitation head, an 1500K RF head for use on the body, a vacuum plus bipolar 450K RF head, a tripolar 450 K RF head, and an RF head made especially for use on the face. You can use one treatment right after another if you wish.

For example, you could work the cavitation probe over your abdomen, then follow up with the bipolar suction head and the RF after that. You may need up to an hour or more to complete an entire range of treatments, but these treatments don’t need to be repeated daily. In fact, it’s best if you wait at least three days between sessions. This gives your body time to remove the broken down fat tissue.

In the meantime, you’ll need transmission gel to use with the probes. Here is an example of one that is often purchased when people buy this cavitation machine:

Transmission Gel

The transmission gel works with ultrasound and RF machines. It makes a smooth, gliding surface that lets sound waves penetrate into skin.

A good gel that won’t dry out quickly is essential since cavitation treatments may take 30 minutes to complete.

Cavitation Beauty Device belulu Cavi Japan EMS LED RF

belulu’s Cavitation Beauty Device is rumored to be the best-selling machine like this in Japan. It operates at a powerful 2.6MHz to melt fat and cellulite underneath skin. It also has a red LED light that helps the skin surface heal and look younger.

The best part of the belulu device is that it’s rechargeable and portable. The lithium-ion battery lets you carry this cavitation machine with you to do treatments on the go. The adaptor for charging the battery works anywhere in the world.

Beauty Star 5 in 1 LED Radio Frequency Fat Removal Cellulite Body Shaping Equipment

Beauty Star’s 5 in 1 Body Shaping Equipment is quite similar in function to the Gizmo Supply Machine at the top of this review. This product provides a little more information about its functions besides fat reduction.

Besides a 40K ultrasound cavitation treatment, you can reduce the appearance of orange peel texture in skin. The machine’s various options let you firm up skin, relieve fatigue, decompress joints, get relief from sciatica, increase circulation, and stimulate collagen production. There’s even a red LED light feature to reduce skin inflammation and irritation.

They explain the treatment heads and functions as follows:

  • A 40K cavitation head uses ultrasonic shock waves to disperse fat
  • The RF vacuum and bipolar treatment speeds up tissue metabolism to reshape the body and face
  • Meanwhile, the body RF head dissolves fat and speeds up lymphatic drainage
  • The face RF probe gets rid of wrinkles and tightens up skin
  • Finally, the tripolar RF head works like the face RF probe, but with more power

It’s easy to select and control the functions with the 7-inch color touchscreen. Again, since the written instructions can be a bit confusing, take a few minutes to watch a video or two on how to use the machine.

And as this manufacturer points out, it’s important to drink plenty of water before and after each session. This will help your body process and eliminate the fat cells faster.

Also be aware that RF treatments can feel rather warm on skin. If you are sensitive to heat, try the tripolar treatment instead.

Professional 6-1 Vacuum Tripolar RF Led Cellulite and Facial Care Beauty Machine

Nova Microdermabrasion takes their product one step further so it’s a 6-in-1 machine. You can see that it includes paddles as well as probes. Plus, it has functions that the other multi-feature machines don’t have, like sextupole body RF and quadropole RF for faces.

To its advantage, this machine has a passive function because of the paddles. Instead of actively massaging the treatment heads around the affected part of the body, you can position the paddles and let the machine work by itself. Use the screen to choose the treatment you want and its duration, then sit back and let it do its job.

One user recommended using a handheld massager for use after a session. This may speed up results by dispersing the broken-down fat cells faster.

5 in 1 Radio Frequency Fat Removal Cellulite Reduce Body Shaping Equipment

Segbeauty Portable Non-Invasive Body Shaping Ultrasonic RF Massage Device for Body Sculpting Fat Removal External Slimming Skin Tightening Toning Firming

Segbeauty’s Portable Ultrasonic RF Massage Device offers three treatments: ultrasonic cavitation at 300KHz, RF therapy, and red LED light. These three combine to destroy fat cells, tighten up loose skin, and get rid of fine lines and wrinkles.

The device has an LCD display to make it simple to choose the mode you desire. Then you simply massage the zinc alloy probe across the area you wish to shape. If you discover a problem with the machine, Segbeauty offers a 30-day full refund if there are defects.

One thing to note: it takes up to 12 treatment sessions to achieve the best results. Segbeauty does not recommend using this device on your face. It’s strictly for reshaping the body. And although you don’t have to use a transmission gel, it works better if you do.

Safety concerns for using ultrasonic cavitation

While ultrasound treatments for fat loss only destroy fatty tissues without hurting skin or organs, they could be risky for some people.

Generally speaking, fat loss treatments are not recommended for pregnant women, for children, or for those with chronic health conditions. The increased demand on the liver to process the broken-down fat cells could cause problems for some people.

Always drink plenty of water before and after treatments. Other liquids aren’t helpful in this case. And as much as you may want to speed up the fat loss, don’t repeat sessions too often. Your body needs time to get rid of the waste products.

Also keep in mind that cavitation empties out the fat from cells, but the fat can reappear. It’s smart to combine a healthy diet and exercise along with body shaping treatments.

Tips for maximum fat removal from cavitation

We mentioned drinking water, and that's essential. Don't neglect this part. Drink plenty before and after your treatment.

Second, it’s a great idea to plan on getting some exercise within four to six hours after your cavitation session is finished. It helps the body use up the dissolved fat so it doesn’t return back to where it came.

Third, be aware that you may feel nauseated after a treatment, at least in the beginning. But stick to eating healthy meals on schedule if you can. Enjoy fresh fruit and avoid alcohol and caffeine right after a session.


When you want to look and feel your best, there are many kinds of anti-aging devices that can help you. Of course, one of the simplest things you can do to maintain your skin in top condition is to use a good quality moisturizer.

While no cavitation device is powerful enough to compensate for lack of exercise and a healthy diet, it can shrink fat deposits and help you contour your body to your satisfaction.

Check back with us again soon to see new reviews of the best in beauty products.