Best Biotin Shampoo for Hair Loss & Regrowth: 2018 Reviews & Guide

Updated 6 years ago

If you are suffering from hair loss, for sure, like many people, you have once reached a point of desperation when you have tried several remedies that proved to be ineffective. If you want one that can deliver favorable outcomes, try using hair growth shampoos or those with a special formula that can combat hair loss. To be specific, look for one that uses biotin as the main ingredient.

In the rest of this quick buying guide, I will let you know some of the popular choices for the best biotin shampoo for hair loss. I will discuss how biotin works to prevent hair loss and briefly tackle the main features of the shampoos that you might want to try if you have already grown tired of using products with false promises.

How Does Biotin Prevent Hair Loss?

One of the main reasons why you are suffering from hair loss is because of a vitamin deficiency. This is where biotin supplements enter the picture. It works by providing the body with the B-vitamins that it lacks. To make it even more effective, these vitamins should not be solely supplied by your supplement, but also through your food consumption.

More so, biotin helps in the prevention of hair loss because it is one of the most important components of the skin cells. When the cells are healthy, the hair follicles will be stronger, and hence, hair loss is not going to be a problem.

Biotin is also called Vitamin B7 and assumes a critical role in the proliferation of cells in the human body. It reacts with the cell enzymes and also instrumental in the production of amino acids. These are the building blocks of protein. Hair, on the other hand, is made of keratin, a form of protein. Therefore, biotin will provide the nourishment that it needs.

To make biotin effective in the prevention of hair loss, one of the most important is to make sure that you are taking the right dosage. It is also recommended that you increase your water intake and reduce your alcohol consumption. Best of all, while using biotin shampoo, it will also be good to take biotin supplements.

Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth Reviews

Now that you know the functions of biotin to combat hair loss, below are some of the shampoos that promise to deliver astounding results.

Product Name Ingredients Size
Re:Line Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth Biotin, rosemary, saw palmetto, aloe vera, coconut oil 8 ounces
Nature’s Gate Biotin Strengthening Shampoo Biotin, bamboo 18 ounces
Mill Creek Botanicals Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner Biotin, aloe vera, panthenol, argan oil, peppermint 16 ounces
Nourish Beaute Vitamins Hair Loss Shampoo with Biotin Biotin, organic castor oil, coconut oil 10 ounces
Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo Biotin, bergamot fruit extract, avocado fruit extract 32 ounces
Andalou Naturals Lavender and Biotin Full Volume Shampoo Biotin, lavender 11.5 ounces
Pura D’or Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Shampoo Biotin, organic argan oil 16 ounces

Re:Line Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth

While biotin is mainly the one responsible for the effectiveness of this shampoo, there are other ingredients that are equally beneficial. For instance, there is aloe vera and coconut, which will provide the nourishment needed by the scalp and the hair follicles.

This shampoo is also great because it is safe and it does not contain toxic chemicals that can possibly lead to contamination. It is free of sulfates and parabens. Even if you have color-treated hair, this shampoo will work.

If the shampoo fails to deliver what it promises, all that you have to do is to get in touch with the manufacturer and they will provide you with an unconditional refund.

Nature’s Gate Biotin Strengthening Shampoo

If you have weak and thinning hair, there is no need to be worried. There are still promising solutions, and one of them would be using this shampoo. Aside from biotin, it also contains bamboo, a natural ingredient that can be effective in fighting hair loss.

This shampoo is well-loved by many because it does not contain phthalate, paraben, and colorants. There are no chemicals that can deliver adverse effects to your hair. It is also good that it comes with a pH-balanced formulation

Mill Creek Botanicals Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner

Value for money – this is one thing that you can expect in this product. Aside from the shampoo, it also includes a conditioner, which allows it to offer a complete hair care routine for the prevention of hair loss.

It does not only contain biotin, but other natural and organic ingredients that will be vital to improving the health of your hair. For instance, it has argan oil, which is considered as liquid gold. It also contains aloe vera, which will be effective in nourishing the hair follicles.

Nourish Beaute Vitamins Hair Loss Shampoo with Biotin

Among others, one of the best things about this shampoo is the fact that it contains Procapil. The latter is an exclusive combination of vitamins from olive tree leaves, which will be effective in strengthening the hair and prevention of hair loss.

Aside from hair loss, it also helps to add volume, body, and shine to your hair. To add, it is also a great way to tame frizzy and unmanageable hair.

Lastly, there is no risk associated with purchasing this product because it comes with a satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer. Within 90 days, if you are unhappy with the results that you are seeing, let the manufacturer know and you will be given an unconditional refund.

Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo

To deliver the best outcomes, this shampoo makes use of natural and organic ingredients with known healing properties, such as fruit extracts. With the use of this shampoo, you will have softer and thicker hair with added volume.

This product comes with an innovative pump bottle, which makes it easy to use. All that you have to do is to push the pump and an exact amount of the shampoo will be dispensed, which will minimize having waste.

Andalou Naturals Lavender and Biotin Full Volume Shampoo

One thing that makes this an exceptional choice for a biotin shampoo is that it also contains lavender. The latter has a soothing effect, which will make bath time more relaxing and will also give your hair a pleasant smell throughout the day.

This shampoo makes use of a revolutionary fruit stem cell complex. It harnesses the power of nature in every bottle. Aside from having natural ingredients, it also does not contain sulfate and other toxic chemicals.

Pura D’or Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Shampoo

From all of the products that have been briefly reviewed in this post, this is perhaps the most popular. Aside from biotin, it also has argan oil, which has the ability to penetrate deep to demonstrate the highest level of effectiveness. It will energize every hair strand from the root to the tip.

All of the ingredients that are used in this shampoo have premium quality and they have been hand-picked by experts. It has 12 key ingredients, which will work together to make your hair healthier and less prone to thinning.

Lastly, the shampoo is made in a facility that follows strict global standards. To add, they use solar energy, which shows how responsible they are to the environment.


With a biotin shampoo, you can say goodbye to thinning hair and say hello to a thicker and fuller crowning glory. It is going to restore your self-confidence. However, do not be a victim of aggressive marketing. Always practice being a responsible buyer by carefully evaluating the possibilities before you make a purchase decision.