The 10 Best DHT Blocker Supplements: 2018 Reviews & Guide

Updated 6 years ago

The marketplace is filled with products that are promising in reversing hair loss. From shampoos to serums to laser helmets, you have an endless selection of solutions to try. Some of them can be frustrating, while there are also many that can deliver superior and effective results. A good example of the latter would be DHT blocker supplements.

Are you looking for nutritional supplements that block DHT? Clueless on which manufacturer is making claims that you should believe in? If you need help to make the right decision, keep on reading the rest of this post as I share valuable insights that will be instrumental in deciding which product is best to purchase.

Top DHT Blocker Supplements

Here are some of the supplements that should be on the top of the list, as well as some of the reasons why these products are exceptional.

Product name Contents Price
UltraxLabs Hair Rush DHT Blocking Supplement 60 tablets $$
DasGro Hair Growth Vitamins 60 tablets $$
Dr. Formulas Hair Omega DHT Blocker 90 veggie caps $
Newopure Advanced Hair Support Formula 60 tablets $$
PhytoWorx Hair Recovery and Regrowth Supplement 90 capsules $$
Wick & Strom Hair Loss Vitamins 60 capsules $
Follicin HG DHT Blocker for Men and Women 60 capsules $
Advanced Trichology DHT Blocker 120 capsules $$
NuHair Hair Regrowth Formula 60 tablets $
Natures Element Advanced Hair Formula 60 tablets $

UltraxLabs Hair Rush DHT Blocking Supplement

This top-rated hair loss supplement contains a unique blend of 23 vitamins and minerals that can block DHT and treat hair loss. One of the most notable components is solubilized keratin, a breakthrough ingredient that is effective in making the hair thicker as it grows.

Best DHT Blocker Supplements

Another ingredient that makes this a great DHT blocking supplement is gotu kola powder. This is an active substance that targets the main causes of hair loss. The addition of nettle powder in the list of ingredients is also a plus as it can make the hair shiny.

To provide users with peace of mind, this supplement is formulated by scientists. A group of experts has worked together to determine the effective formulation. They have invested in thorough research to come up with a superior product.

DasGro Hair Growth Vitamins

Aside from having DHT-blocking ingredients, it also contains biotin, which is one reason why this is another favorite when it comes to hair loss supplements, as evidenced by the high ratings that you can find online.

This supplement has a combination of more than 20 ingredients that harness the power of nature to combat hair loss. Some of these ingredients include saw palmetto, grape seed extracts, gingko biloba, and green tea extracts.

If you have qualms about buying this product, you will have a change of mind after knowing that the manufacturer guarantees your satisfaction. If you are unhappy with the results of using the supplement, you can return it to the manufacturer and they will issue an unconditional refund.

Dr. Formulas Hair Omega DHT Blocker

The effectiveness of this nutritional supplement can be attributed to the revolutionary combination of 33 ingredients that are effective in tackling hair loss. Aside from DHT blockers, it also contains collagen and biotin.

Other ingredients that you can find in the supplement include red raspberry and green tea, which are high in antioxidants. They will help to counter the damage in the cells that can be caused by free radicals.

To make you confident in the superior quality of the product, it is also good to know that it is made in a facility that is inspected by the FDA. This gives you an assurance that the company adheres to the highest global manufacturing standards.

Newopure Advanced Hair Support Formula

The scientific formulation of this DHT blocking supplement is one of the reasons why it can provide superior results to its users. It combines the power of science and nature to take advantage of the best ingredients for hormonal hair loss and similar problems.

When it comes to the ingredients that are used, one of the most commendable is hydrolyzed keratin, which does not only accelerate the growth of hair, but also makes sure that each strand will be thicker as it grows.

The manufacturer also takes pride in the fact that the outcomes can be visible in as short as just seven days. The initial results, however, may not be too significant for some users. It is recommended that you use it for at least three months before the results can become highly-visible.

PhytoWorx Hair Recovery and Regrowth Supplement

The main ingredient that makes it possible for this supplement to inhibit DHT production is grape seed extract. It is natural, and hence, you can expect that there will be no side effects. It can stimulate the hair follicles for a healthier growth of your hair.

It is made using a proprietary blend of more than 10 specialized ingredients, including those that are potent sources of Vitamins C and E.

As it has been claimed by the manufacturer, the results will be evident within four to six weeks. They guarantee your satisfaction, which should be more than enough to provide you with peace of mind.

Wick & Strom Hair Loss Vitamins

If you are on the lookout for an affordable but effective DHT blocker supplement, this is one option that should make your list. It contains saw palmetto, which is basically the one that can be attributed to its ability to inhibit the production of DHT.

More than having DHT blockers, this is a well-received product because it also contains biotin. In several studies in the past, it has been claimed that biotin effectively restores brittle and weak hair strands.

The manufacturer challenges their customers to try the supplement for thirty days. Within a month, if no results are experienced, they will refund what you have paid for.

Follicin HG DHT Blocker for Men and Women

It makes use of the best vitamins that are available for blocking DHT. This makes it an effective solution to the reduction of short pattern baldness.

If you are not convinced that this will be a good choice. Your doubts will be eliminated after knowing that it is made using natural ingredients that do not pose any harm to its users. To add, these ingredients have been clinically-tested, which means that their effectiveness has been proven.

Advanced Trichology DHT Blocker

Based on the technical details from the manufacturer, this supplement will deliver effects within 90 days of use. If not, you can complain to the manufacturer and as a way of making up for it, they will provide you with a refund.

One of the unique selling points of this product is that it does not only stimulate the hair follicles, but it also has an effect in improving the immune system, improving the defense of the body from sickness.

NuHair Hair Regrowth Formula

For follicular growth and thicker hair, this is a dietary supplement that can also prove to be promising. It will block the production of DHT in both men and women, especially for those who are already aging.

Some of the main ingredients that are used in this product include dibasic calcium phosphate and tomato powder.

Natures Element Advanced Hair Formula

This supplement is made from high-quality extracts that are believed to be 12 times better compared to the conventional powders that are used in many other products. Some of its most exceptional ingredients include saw palmetto, grape seed, and pumpkin seed.

If you are a vegetarian, you also do not have to worry about using this supplement. All of its ingredients are vegetarian-safe and gluten-free. It is also a good thing that it is available in the form of a small tablet, which will be easy for you to swallow.

Benefits of Using DHT Blocker Supplements

Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, is a sex hormone. When the hormone is present in abundance in the body, it can inhibit hair growth. This is why it is attributed to be one of the main causes of male pattern baldness. This hormone is present in both men and women. For DHT to be reduced at a significant level, you need an effective blocker. This is where dietary supplements enter the picture.

DHT blockers can exist in several forms, but one of the best would be in the form of supplements, including those that have been mentioned above. Either as capsules or tablets, these supplements have to be taken daily depending on the dosage recommended by the manufacturer. Because they are ingested, the absorption will be quicker, and hence, it won’t take long before the results will become apparent.

Choosing DHT Blocker Supplements

While you will be confronted with an abundance of choices, this does not mean that you can choose just any product. To be sure of making the right decision, below are some of the most important things that you have to consider:

  • Reviews: A good starting point would be reading feedback from other people, most of which are available online. Their genuine experiences will allow you to weigh the pros and cons of the possibilities.
  • Ingredients: Aside from being effective in blocking DHT, see to it that the ingredients are natural and proven to be effective. They should have undergone clinical testing to be sure of the outcomes. They must not have adverse effects.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: This is important to have peace of mind from the purchase that will be made. Within a specific period, you must be able to return it to the manufacturer and they must provide an unconditional refund.