Eyebrow Threading Near Me: Best Eyebrow Salon Near You (2018)

Updated 6 years ago

Stop waxing and tweezing that unibrow. There is a much more pleasant solution called threading. Once you try eyebrow threading, you won’t be satisfied anymore with other methods of hair removal.


Who can perform this service for you? You might find an esthetician at a hair salon, or a standalone booth at the mall.

If you don’t know where to go for depilation, search for “eyebrow threading near me.” The results that appear will guide you to a salon close to your location.

What is eyebrow threading?

Eyebrow threading is the best way to remove excess hair and shape brows. There are several reasons why we love it. First, it’s no more painful than waxing, and will potentially hurt less when you return for a second visit.

Second, it’s much more efficient than tweezing. Threading can remove a whole row of hair at a time. And it’s faster, by far, than plucking out one hair at a time.

Third, it’s very precise, more than waxing ever could be. A skilled threader can shape your brow into the most desirable shape for the structure of your face.

Finally, threading is much less damaging to your skin. Clients with sensitive skin and those who are acne-prone are far less likely to react badly. It doesn’t pull your skin, burn it, or dose it with chemicals, either.

What happens when your eyebrows are threaded?

When you visit the salon for your first eyebrow threading, watch how the tech works. He or she will have a length of cotton or polyester thread in their hands. The thread will have a twist in it, and it’s the twist that removes the hairs.

You might see the tech with part of the thread in their mouth, but don’t panic. The damp part of the thread is not going to touch you. And that’s actually the most common method used for threading. Techs only use their mouth to put tension on the thread far away from the section they use for removing hair.

Other techniques involve using only the hands, or the hands and neck to support the thread. And no matter the style, the trick is the same. The tech will move the twisted part of the thread against the grain of the hair, pulling the strands out by the roots.

Meanwhile, you’ve also got a part to play. Your job will be to pull down on your eyelids while the tech works. This simple act cuts down on the sting of hair removal, and it helps the tech to do a neat job.

And yes, you will feel some pain. Your eyes will water, and you may even sneeze. The tech might hand you a tissue in advance, anticipating this fact.

A threading session might take five minutes, or it could take fifteen. A lot depends on the amount of hair to remove as well as the skill of the esthetician. And they might take steps like sanitizing and brushing your brows before they begin and trimming them with scissors at the end.

Once you’re done, your skin will be red for about an hour. But some salons might have cooling gel on hand. If not, you can always put a little ice on them at home. But avoid applying foundation or makeup on your brows until the next day, so you don’t fill in the follicles that stand empty.

Is eyebrow threading safe?

Yes, eyebrow threading is safe. It’s less harmful to your skin and follicles than tweezing, waxing, or hair removal cream. There are no side effects other than temporary redness. And dermatologists recommend it to people currently taking retinoids because threading doesn’t cause breakouts.

What are the advantages of threading?

There are a number of reasons why threading is superior to other kinds of eyebrow shaping. For one, it’s safer for your skin. Your skin is never stretched or burned. And you’re not prone to ingrown hairs like with tweezing.

Next, threading can precisely define your eyebrows. It offers total control over which hairs are removed, plus it does the removal in straight lines. And it has no trouble pulling out peach fuzz and short hairs, something that waxing struggles to do.

And in the end, threading makes for easy maintenance between salon visits. You can touch-up at home every couple of weeks, and then go back for another threading session every four or five weeks.

Find the best places for affordable eyebrow threading

The average cost of getting your eyebrows threaded is $10 to $20, depending on the salon or booth you visit. Paying more doesn’t mean you’ve found a better-trained tech. It’s better if you can get recommendations from friends, read online reviews, or at least watch the threader in action.

Experienced threaders have speedy, accurate movements as they work. They will consult with you regarding the eyebrow shape you desire. And they will likely have patience with you if you want to pause for a moment in the middle to wipe your eyes.

If you’re worried about the pain you might feel, ask the threader to remove a little hair from the back of your hand. Then you’ll get a sense for how it will go on your face.

In conclusion, take your time and find a reputable place that offers eyebrow threading by experienced threaders. You’ll love this rapid path to beautiful brows with minimum suffering.

But what if there isn’t a salon that offers eyebrow threading near me?

If you can’t find a salon or clinic that performs eyebrow threading near your location, you have options. For example, you could teach yourself how to do it with online tutorials. All you need is thread and a mirror.

Or you could resort to other kinds of depilation such as plucking, waxing, or hair remover cream.

Products for removing eyebrow and facial hair

If you don’t have access to threading, you can try other ways to remove unwanted facial hair. Here are some of the best depilatory products available.

Smarkle Professional Tweezer Pack- 4 Tweezers Set

Tweezing may be slower than threading, but most anyone can manage to pluck their brow without training. The Smarkle 4-piece set contains flat, slanted, pro-curved, and needlepoint tweezers, plus a storage case.

With this kit, you’re equipped to touch up your eyebrows, remove ingrown hairs, and also pull out splinters.

Emjoi Tweeze eRase e6 - Facial Hair Remover – Epilator

It’s not a razor. Instead, the Emjoi epilator has six tweezers in its head. It removes hair from the root for a clean finish.

Although the head is too large for effective shaping of eyebrows, it’s a good tool for cleaning up peach fuzz around them and quickly splitting a unibrow in half. It also works on upper lips, under chins, and more.

Gillette Venus Face Perfection Women's Hair Remover

The Venus Face Perfection from Gillette has a slim head that helps you remove hair in difficult-to-reach spots. It plucks hair through ten micro-openings, leaving your skin smooth. And it’s able to pull out short hairs that waxing can’t remove.

Since this small epilator is battery-powered, it’s easy to take on a trip. And you can treat any part of your face with it.

Dorco Tinkle Eyebrow Shaper, 3-Pack

The Dorco Tinkle Eyebrow Shapers are like little combs for trimming your eyebrows. Brush them through each brow, and they will snip off the extra hair.

Some customers like the Dorco Shapers for removing peach fuzz, trimming their bikini lines, or even dermaplaning their skin.

Remington Smooth & Silky Facial Pen Trimmer

Remington’s Smooth & Silky Facial Pen is a precision trimmer, a kind of electric razor. It has one side with a larger cutting area and one side with a small trimmer. There’s a light to help you see what you’re cutting. And you can change the trimming angle, too.

In the box, you’ll find an eyebrow guide comb. The comb has two lengths you can use. But the trimmer isn’t as good at shaping eyebrows as it is at cutting the hairs shorter.

Nair Hair Remover Face Cream

Nair’s Face Cream Hair Remover is gentle enough if you don’t have extra-sensitive skin. But you may find it difficult to apply the cream to shape your eyebrows properly. Instead, Nair is best at clearing hair off your upper lip or under your chin.

Wax Warmer Hair Removal By LeChic

If you’ve tried waxing, you might like to have your own kit at home. The LeChic Wax Warmer comes with five bags of wax in various flavors, thirty applicator sticks, and step-by-step instructions. With the kit, you can remove hair from any part of your body, including around your eyebrows.

Professional Grooming Scissors

If you try threading at home, you’ll probably want a pair of scissors to trim up extra long hairs you didn’t pluck. These stainless steel shears are made for both left and right-handed users.

Coats & Clark All Purpose Thread

Venture into eyebrow threading with this spool of all-purpose polyester thread. It’s strong enough to resist breaking while you work. And the 400-yard roll should last you for lots of threading sessions.

How to shape your eyebrows with tweezers

Here’s how to keep your eyebrows looking smart by plucking at home. You’ll need a pair of tweezers with slanted tips like the ones in the kit we mentioned above. Then plan on tweezing right after your shower when follicles are open and relaxed.

Now, use an eyebrow pencil to outline the perfect shape. For most people, their eyebrows should start above their tear ducts, then curve up to a peak above your pupil. Then they ought to end at a point about forty-five degrees about the outer corner. And a pro tip to ease the pain: buy a tube of baby teething gel and numb your brow before you begin to pluck.